May 2, 2023

CMS 274: Intro to Video Games (Media Critical Concepts)
Department of Cinema and Media Studies, Professor Mal Ahern
Summer Term B, MTWTh 9:40-11:50 AM
5 credits, fulfills A&H Requirement

Play video games for credit this summer! In this course, you’ll learn the history of video games by playing retro game systems in class. You’ll discuss the academic approaches to studying games, as well as the roles race, gender, and sexuality play gaming culture. You’ll complete an activity in which the class collectively builds its own video game controller. You will also learn to make your own simple video games using Scratch, Twine, and other software–no experience required! Course materials will focus on retro games and indie games, but students will have the opportunity to integrate their own gaming experience and preferences in class discussion and creative assignments.

Class will meet in person; in-person attendance is encouraged, but not mandatory. All sessions will be recorded on Panopto, and all graded assignments can be submitted online. Email with any questions. Register by May 12 for the course to run.