May 8, 2023

When: May 9th,  6:00pm
Where: HUB 334
To join: RSVP here
Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of graduate school? Are you unsure how to navigate the job market after graduation? Look no further! The Science & Engineering Business Association (SEBA) upcoming seminar is designed to help you get prepared during and after graduate school.

SEBA’s First Tuesday Meeting on May 9th will feature a career development seminar with experts Lindsie Goss (Outspace), Rachal Winger (Lee & Hayes’ Chemical and Life Sciences practice) and Ziyan Bai (CIRCLE). The seminar is designed to help graduate students navigate the demands of graduate school and the job market, with a focus on non-academic routes. Attendees will gain valuable insights and tips to prepare for success during and after graduate school. Food is provided!

Be sure to check out our lineup of speakers!