October 10, 2023

D Center is humbled to further legacies of three UW community members: Carl James Dunlap, John Armstrong and Mary Ellen Waite by awarding $1,000 to three UW students for Fall 2023.

The selection criteria are a UW student who identifies a having a disability and a demonstrated financial need. Wheelchair-users are highly encouraged to apply as Mary Ellen Waite desired to provide direct financial support to them. The intent is to help support students with disabilities who would benefit from financial assistance to continue their pursuit of higher education.

If you are interested to apply, please fill out the application at your earliest convenience. The deadline to apply is October 31, 2023.

See attached for the announcement and if you have any questions, please contact D Center at dcenter@uw.edu.

(Attached Scholarship Announcement [ALT: Application for D Center Memorial Scholarship in honor of Carl James Dunlap, Mary Ellen Waite and John Armstrong is now open. (3) $1,000 awards for students with 1) demonstrated financial need 2) identify with having a disability. Apply by October 31, 2023. QR Code is present and dcenter@uw.edu as a contact information.] [ID: Text is over a light beige background with D Center’s logo on upper right corner and QR Code on lower left corner.])