October 13, 2023

The Computational Medicine Lab (CML) at the New York University’s Biomedical Engineering Department has Ph.D. openings for highly motivated and creative prospective Ph.D. students with signal processing, machine learning, applied mathematics, and/or control theory backgrounds to develop mathematical algorithms for biomedical engineering applications with a focus on human subject research. The Ph.D. students will be working on the algorithms for wearable and portable devices of the future that can act as a HEALTHWATCH or MINDWATCH. CML’s ongoing research is supported by NIH and NSF. The ideal Ph.D. candidate has obtained their B.S. or M.S. degree in electrical, mechanical or biomedical engineering, or related fields (e.g., computer science, applied mathematics, statistics, etc.) focusing signal processing and/or machine learning. The projects involve algorithm design and validation in real-time experiments with human recordings. Those interested in the openings can send their CV to CML’s group email Computational_Medicine_Laboratory@nyu.edu with subject line “PhD Openings at CML” and a member of our lab will get back to them with more information.   

2024 NYU BME CML PhD Openings