October 19, 2023

Next Wednesday (October 25) from 12-4 pm is the College of Engineering’s “ENGINEERING HIRING EXPO,” where 70 companies are looking to secure top internship & full-time talent before the end of the calendar year.
What can you to do prepare?
  1. UPDATE YOUR HANDSHAKE PROFILE: Many recruiters are pre-screening talent prior to the event. Be sure to update your GRADUATION/END YEAR (in the Education section of Your Profile) & upload your RESUME (and check “Visible”) in the Documents section.
  2. REGISTER FOR THE HANDSHAKE EVENT: Seeing who plans to attend is another way for employers to review talent beforehand. Go to the Handshake event and click “+Join Event
  3. DOWNLOAD THE HANDSHAKE APP: Have the power to update your information quickly & easily; it will also allow you to quickly check-in at each employer table that you visit (see next item).
  4. CHECK-IN AT EACH EMPLOYER BOOTH VISITED: A unique QR code will be at each employer table so that employers can track who visits them and follow-up with potential candidates.
Questions can be directed to the CC@E via email (engrhire@uw.edu) or by visiting us in 301 Loew Hall.