November 8, 2023

Seattle Association for Women in Science (AWIS) is inviting nominations for their 2024 Awards. 

Among your many contacts, you undoubtedly know of women who deserve recognition for their innovation, leadership and education efforts in STEM. 

          Nominate a woman for one of the 2024 Seattle AWIS Awards!

The 2024 Seattle AWIS Award Categories are

           »  Science or Technology Advancement and Leadership

           »  Early Career Achievement in STEM

           »  Excellence in STEM Education/Outreach

We have impressive Washington women who are STEM leaders, researchers and educators in industry, academia, non-profits and government that deserve to be recognized!  Show your support and thanks by submitting a nomination.

The nomination form is simple and is attached.  It is also available on the Seattle AWIS website at

Submit your nomination by Friday, January 5, 2024, 6 pm.

  • We invite nominations for women in industry, academia, non-profits or government.
  • Nominators and nominees for the STEM awards need not be an AWIS member.
  • Self-nominations are welcomed!

Winners will be selected in January and honored at the June 18, 2024, AWIS banquet.

If you have questions, please contact