May 9, 2024

Application Deadlines:
May 17 for SAB Chair position
May 24 for SAB Member positions

Application Link:

The UW Center for International Relations and Cultural Leadership Exchange (CIRCLE) is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for motivated and dedicated students to apply for the positions on 2024-2025 Student Advisory Board (SAB).

The CIRCLE SAB provide a unique opportunity for active involvement in enhancing international student experiences and promoting student success. The principles of the Board center around support, engagement, and advocacy for international student interests at the University of Washington by:

  • Consulting and engaging with CIRCLE staff to provide student perspectives and input on programs and initiatives related to international students on Seattle campus.
  • Rendering and formalizing international student opinions on topics of interest to the international student body to impact University Administration, influencing policy and direction of campus affairs 
  • Providing and advocating for a space and environment for international students to partake in the administrative and legislative processes of the University, and increase international student representation at critical campus affairs discussions. 
  • Taking initiatives to enhance international student experiences and to promote student success.

Participating in this opportunity not only contributes to the enrichment of the international student community at the University of Washington but also provides valuable experiences and insights for your own personal, professional, and leadership growth while at the UW. Interested candidates are invited to apply before 5:00 pm PT on May 17 for the Chair position and May 24 for Member positions.

We look forward to receiving your applications and for questions, please reach out to Ziyan Bai, CIRCLE Assistant Director of Graduate Programs and Operations, at