May 20, 2024

Free NSF-funded Undergraduate Spectrum Workshop? This free 4-day workshop is ideal for those without an internship, starting an internship after June 6th, or who want a supplement to their summer research. The Spectrum Sizzle Workshop will be held on the Baylor campus in Waco, Texas, from Monday to Thursday, June 3-6, and all meals and lodging are covered by the NSF grant. Additionally, we are offering $700 travel grants to registered students on a first-come, first-served basis to pay for round-trip airfare (likely a flight to Waco, Dallas/Fort Worth, Dallas Love Field, or Austin). This means the students can attend at almost no cost to them.

The students can get to the registration site by scanning the QR code or learn more here. 

The workshop is formatted such that the students will rotate through five hands-on discussions and hands-on experiences led by national experts in wireless spectrum management, communication systems, radar systems, passive sensing systems, and wireless circuits. There will also be panel sessions on wireless spectrum careers and graduate school. Students will walk away with a good view of how they can build a career in spectrum management and/or technology. They will also get to network with spectrum experts from across the country. In our first year of doing this in 2023, we found it was truly an eye-opening experience for the participants.