May 31, 2024

Title: Research Opportunity at Mechanical Engineering and UW Medical Center
Dear graduate student colleagues,
We are a team from Engineering College and Medical Center led by Prof. Per Reinhall (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Prof. Ryan Jense (Department of Anesthesiology &
Pain Medicine), and Prof. Martha Johnson (Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine). We aim to develop AI-based non-invasive continuous blood pressure estimation in operating
rooms. The goal is to achieve competitive accuracy to conventional invasive arterial lines. We are seeking enthusiastic and skilled graduate student researchers to contribute to and
accelerate the development.

By joining the team, you will have the opportunity to:
● Work with professors and graduate students from the College of Engineering and Medical Center
● Conduct cutting-edge and widely applicable research with potential publication
● Receive research/project credits (if applicable in your department)

We seek contributions in:
1. Data cleaning, and signal processing
● Perform data cleaning to select training and test data
● Develop advanced filters to reduce the noise of waveform signals such as ECG and Pleth

2. Machine learning development
● Design advanced AI models including CNN, LSTM, transformers, and so on
● Refine hyperparameters and perform rigorous evaluation of performance

3. Customer discovery
● Perform both primary and secondary research and use analysis methods to conduct the results
● Understand all the potential users and decision makers that will be involved

If you are interested and would like to work on at least one sub-task, please do not hesitate to send your resume to Haonan Peng ( We look forward to your expertise and

Haonan Peng, Gloria Hou, Per Reinhall, Ryan Jense, Martha Johnson

Research Opportunity at Mechanical Engineering and UW Medical Center